Rinse Culture Collective is a DIY music blog born in Los Angeles, a land saturated with Hipsters and art elitists who tend to take themselves and their opinions much too seriously. The Rinse Culture intends to wash LA clean of its egocentricity by means of self deprecating humor from within.

Our scene is a metropolitan utopia for all things music, art, and film, and we sure know it. But if we can’t sit back and laugh at our narcissistic behavior and self validating opinions, then we truly are what everyone outside our gigantic bubble thinks we are: snobby hipsters.

Most of my material will likely be combatted by easily offended readers who are much smarter than me. That’s dope because I know I’m lame. And you really should too. You exist within a strange paradigm that allows you to believe you are better than most people because you live in a progressive super city that sets trends for the rest of the world. Your taste is superior because you have read more novels; seen more foreign films; watched all these bands perform before they hit festival stages and radio rotations. And that’s lame. Just accept it and laugh at it.

You don’t have to change, but rinse yourself off of all that bullshit every once in a while and have a laugh.

That’s what the Rinse Culture is all about.