Presenting The Growlers Six (FKA Beach Goth) Starter Packs

The Growlers are the quintessential Orange Country rock band; the figurehead of the SoCal beach city counter-culture, if you will. A band that is worshipped amongst young, angsty cool kids that, when superimposed with the clean-cut preps that make up the majority of the area, look like fuck ups and burn outs.

The native OC five piece make music that is, indeed, a reflection of that very environment. Their signature sun-baked sound is a combination of lo-fi garage rock and surf, relying heavily on poppy vocal melodies and jangly guitar rhythms to get its hooks in your brain. Lyrically, The Growlers hit on a darker note, often singing about death, loneliness, and drug addiction. A fusion that quite literally sounds like misery in paradise.

The Growlers and their cult following call it, “Beach Goth.” Sounds pretty fucking lame, but god damnit, it fits. 

Over the years, their vision has manifested into their very own music festival with the very same name that they headline each night over huge names like Bon Iver and Modest Mouse (a complete lack of modesty that is representative of Orange County to a motherfuckin’ T).

After a recent legal dispute over the Beach Goth brand and the festivals original venue in Santa Ana, The Growlers have renamed the festival, The Growlers Six. An uninspired re-branding of sorts that led the band to pack up and head south for San Pedro. The party may have moved out of the OC, but there is no doubt that come Oct. 28th & 29th, their loyal legion of fans will make the hour-long pilgrimage to the new sacred grounds for the annual costume encouraged rager.

It’s a chance for this special nuanced breed of hipsters to take drugs and feel at home with a couple thousand cookie cutter look-a-likes. A trendy faction of young people who have been born into wealth and, thus, don’t give a shit about anything besides swells, skate spots, and burritos. If you don’t live in Southern California you may not be familiar with these people, but I assure you…they all consist of exactly this:


Why are their phones ALWAYS cracked bro? Is it really that fucking lame to have a case on your $800 piece of technology? Also, we knoooow you’ve got a sick ass allowance, what’s up with the Bugler’s? Oh, you roll your own cigs, bro? Pretty fucking sick. 


You can’t be a Beach Goth babe if you don’t have a cute, short white girl name like Mia or Bella. Names with more than five letters are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. These chicks always love silly 90’s shit like alien cartoons or yellow smiley faces, too. When they aren’t at beach goth, you can for sure find ’em at SoCal raves like Hard Summer or Nocturnal (though, they will most likely be dressed in more fur and neon). 

And for a special bonus pack, we present the, not as common, but definitely prevalent:


These dudes just want to have a good time and jump around in a mosh pit. They definitely like The Growlers, but that’s it. Everything else is pussy ass shit. 

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