Wack Track Of The Week: Will Smith Pioneers ‘Dad-Step’ With New Single, “Get Lit”

Will Smith, the mastermind behind turn of the century hip-hop bangers such as, “Miami” and “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” has returned with a genre-defining new single entitled, “Get Lit” — and it’s just as cringe as it sounds. Listen Below:

It’s peculiar to me that everyone kind of knows that Will Smith makes music, but no one really wants to talk about it. It’s like when your cousin who wears fake triple XL Supreme tees and dirty Jordans tells everybody at Thanksgiving that he’s pursuing a rap career; you’ve got to just let him have it because you love him and keep stuffing your face with mashed potatoes until someone changes the subject.

It’s been nearly two decades since Will dominated the airwaves with his family-friendly, juice box raps, but the man is back with an all-new track that is, by far, his most eclectic effort to date. In “Get Lit”, Big Willie approaches the mic with a nuanced swagger indicative of his desperation in trying to remain pop-culturally aware as a 49-year old father.

giphy (3)

The fucking title of the song is funny enough. At this point, saying “Get Lit” is about as dated and thus, unbearably revolting as Hilary Clinton hitting the dab on the campaign trail. You’re just soooo late, bro, so late.

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg here. The real kicker is that he actually had the nerve to make it an EDM SONG! Like a BAD, low budget EDM song you’d hear in an Armenian-owned hookah lounge. An audacious, yet disastrous attempt that even the PLUR-est of candy kids wouldn’t pop molly too. But I fucking love it.

My man has officially become the sole pioneer of a brand new genre that I hereby formally declare to be Dad-Step (or perhaps DaddyDM, whichever you prefer). 

Though, the true source of its hilarity doesn’t derive from its pulsing, hard-style kick drums or wailing car alarm synths, but instead from Will’s faux Jamaican accent bouncing to the rhythm as he encourages listeners to “get lit wit’ it”.  I can’t even imagine how embarrassed little Jaden is right now.

I’m really excited to see where this takes Will from this point in his career. Will he be making festival appearances? Is this going to be the hottest fuel for next week’s meme makers? Who knows, but thank god it exists.

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