The Best Bowl Cuts in Indie Rock

Bad haircuts have always been an integral facet of the alternative lifestyle. Lets face it, nothing screams non-conformity quite like a fringe hair do. It’s perhaps the most simple and effective way of conveying your internal weirdness to the external plebeians, and is, indeed, an instrumental player in gaining any sort of artistic clout in gentrified neighborhoods like Williamsburg or Echo Park.

Reigning supreme in the long-standing history of laughable hipster haircuts stands the ever-powerful Bowl Cut. A cut once heralded as fashionable by the 90’s mainstream, now fostered lovingly only by the modern-day counterculture.  The Bowl Cut has a rich history in the world of Indie Music, but here are some of the absolute best that sit atop the heads of your favorite contemporary artists.

5. Connan Mockasin


Connan’s fluff bowl is in a league of its own.  Indeed a big reason he is renouned as an Indie Rock sex icon.

4. Jenny Hval


Jenny is seen above sportin’ the “snobby art collector” bowl cut and boy is it juicy as hell.

3.  Bradford Cox of Deerhunter


Bradford takes a more of a messy, nonchalant approach with his bowl, as to almost disguise it as another cut. But don’t be fooled, that’s a bowl cut through-and-through.

2. Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s


Really loving the classic little boy in the 90’s bowl cut from the iconic front woman of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

1. Grimes


And here I present to you, ladies and gentleman, by far the funniest bowl cut that has ever existed in the Indie scene. Grimes found the smallest bowl in her entire kitchen and really went to town with this one. The high and tight nature of this cut is something entirely different and really helps bring new life back to an old cut.

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