Overheard FYF

FYF fest returned to USC’s Exposition Park last weekend for an extended 3-day stint, boasting a top-tier lineup for LA’s snooty-est of locals.

With talent like Bjork, Frank Ocean, Nine Inch Nails, Slowdive, Flying Lotus, and Mac Demarco, it’s clear that Goldenvoice’s booking agents nailed FYF’s target market of yuppie white people; ranging from early 20’s Instagram junkies to aging hipsters, who have recently settled down and have a young child named something like ‘Braxton’ or ‘Ana-lily’.

Crowds gathered in the sweltering heat each day to experience some of the latest and greatest names in music perform their hearts out for the Los Angeles community. I was there to listen in to our culture’s rich commentary. Check out some funny shit I overheard at FYF 2017 down below:

    1. Referring to the iconic Iggy Pop: “I swear you could snort this dude’s dandruff and get high.”giphy (2)

    2. Amidst a hypnotised crowd during Flying Lotus’s deeply experimental and psychedelic 3D live show, an angry girlfriend shouted, “What the fuck, Brian?! You told me this was Electronic DANCE Music! Not the fucking soundtrack to my nightmares.” while turning her back to the stage in refusal to watch one second more of the performance.

    3. From the jet black lips of a trendy twenty-something with box braids: “Mac Demarco was kinda boring. I thought he’s supposed to put a drumstick up his ass or something.”

    4. As a quiet lull set over the groovy Temples audience, a young man in a conductor’s hat exclaims, “ACIIIIIIID!!” and is met with thumbs ups from surrounding long-haired neo-hippies.acidtab.jpeg

    5. Standing in line at the beer garden I heard, “That guy’s Jar Jar Binks braids are giving me a bad trip.” I then saw said braids with my own eyes and it did induce a similar feeling. The dude looked like Jar Jar Binks if Jar Jar lived in Silverlake and had around 2,000 Tumblr¬†followers.jarjar.jpg

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