Space Out With Our Indie Rock Soundtrack To The Eclipse

Here’s our hand selected playlist for your Eclipse experience.

Celestial events like a Solar Eclipse happen so infrequently that when they do, the world is brought together in excitement and anticipation. Los Angeles is a great place to gather friends and family together, stare up into the sky and be severely disappointed at the lack of visibility of anything cool.

Come Monday the 21st, echoes of “It’s happening! Look! Wait…Oh wait…is that it? Hang on…hmmm, welp…maybe my watch is wrong?” will ring out across overcrowded parks as LA locals attempt to get a glimpse at the amazing solar eclipse occurring that very morning.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. In fact, you’d be a bozo if you didn’t. This particular event is a once in a lifetime phenomenon for Americans. The upcoming eclipse will reach its total black out phase that will be observable from a narrow path throughout the entire US.

You know what they say, “Totality is tight.” Embrace the Space.

For those of you heading out on a road trip to an epic viewpoint, planning a picnic with friends, or just heading up to the Griffith Observatory, here’s our cleverly hand-selected playlist to use as an awesome soundtrack for the event. This things chock full of beautiful moon tunes and solar system shredders. Feel free to add your own selections and share with friends.

[WARNING: Playlist does not include Black Hole Sun, because that would have been too easy and I don’t even really like that song. Yes, even after the sad, untimely death of Chris Cornell; still don’t like it. Please proceed.]

Featuring big time bangers from the likes of: Explosions In The Sky, M83, Evolfo, Moon Duo, Julien Baker, Chromatics, Spiritualized, Pavement, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd.

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