Echo Park Rising 2017: Here Are Some Bands You Should See That Don’t Suck

Who to check out when there’s literally every band in LA to choose from

In the simplest of terms, Echo Park Rising is Los Angeles’s very own miniature SXSW. It’s an annual street festival on and around Sunset Boulevard that aims to showcase pretty much anyone who owns a guitar or synthesizer and a pair of suede Chukka boots in central LA.

From venues to restaurants to record stores, there’s live music just about everywhere. There’s so much bull shit happening concurrently within a condensed radius of a couple blocks, that in my four years of attendance I’ve maybe seen like three or four solid performances.

That’s not to say there isn’t talent present. Echo Park Rising hosts a slew of top notch up and comers every year. You just have to know where to find them.

Here are a couple you shouldn’t miss this weekend unless you want that hipper-than-you coworker to scoff and roll their eyes when you chat at the office on Monday:


NVDES dwells in a sound scape somewhere between The Chemical Brothers and Peaches. A special breed of high energy dance music they’ve rightfully dubbed ‘Laptop Punk’. NVDES functions as a collective art experience and continues to draw intimate crowds of LA party people with each local performance.

Performing EPR: The Echoplex, FRI August 18th @ 7:30pm 

2.  Sugar Candy Mountain

Despite the fact that their logo looks like the front of a Cholita’s airbrushed t-shirt at the county fair, Sugar Candy Mountain is no doubt one of the raddest acts performing this weekend. The Los Angeles 4-piece sound like the musical equivalent of an acid spiked Mai Tai on a white sand beach in Hawaii. A tropical, reverb-soaked ambiance that’s as saccharine sweet as their name suggests.

Performing EPR: Spacedust, FRI August 18th @ 5:30pm

3.  Egrets on Ergot

On the aggressive end of the spectrum, Egrets on Ergot will be hashing out some of the best punk to be found at EPR this weekend. These dudes excrete bad-the-fuck-ass from all angles with their hectic onslaught of experimental post-punk. One can hear the influences ranging from the Cro-mags to Joy Division to Converge, where they fall is somewhere gracefully in the middle.

Performing EPR: Echoplex, SUN August 20th @ 11:10pm


4. The Creation Factory

The Creation Factory are about as authentic as it gets when it comes to capturing that archetypal late 60’s Psychedelic Rock sound.  From the outfits all the way to the equipment, these dudes are living, breathing artifacts from the golden era of Rock n Roll. Equipped with Austin Powers sideburns and the organ sounds to go with ’em, these shredders deliver some truly groovy shit straight out of the heart of Echo Park.

Performing EPR: The Echo, THUR August 17th @ 7:20pm

5.  The Gloomies

It’s no surprise that The Gloomies hail from San Diego; you can essentially hear the California burritos and surf board fins fossilised in every song. But don’t get me wrong, the psych-pop outfit brings much more to the table than your typical ‘headlining my buddy’s backyard party’ surf rock band. The Gloomies boast some killer nasally vocals that when paired with effected guitar and a tinge of electronics produce a unique and captivating psychedelic sound.

Performing EPR: The Lost Knight, THURS August 17th @ 10:20pm

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