Echo Park Rising Line Up Quiz: Which of these terrible band names are fake?

Take our quiz down below to see if you can differentiate the Rinse Culture imposters from the real deal.

Echo Park Rising kicks off its 7th year this weekend and invites local musicians and performers to come out and showcase their music to LA’s trendy natives and industry hot shots. Unlike most major festivals, EPR is free and packed with up and coming artists who are looking to stand out from the rest.

One sure-fire way to do that is by choosing a unique, exuberant band name that will draw people’s attention in hopes that one day it can be heard chanted among thousands of screaming fans. Unfortunately, decades of over-saturation have made it increasingly difficult to land on a clever, standout band name without sounding like complete douche bags.

So here we are in 2017 with band name abominations like Limp Bizkit, Chicano Batman, and Car Seat Headrest (the worst one). In fact, it even seems like contemporary artists are at war with eachother; a constant battle to outdo their peers by selecting a name more ludicrous than the last.

With Echo Park Rising being the central hub of the Los Angeles music scene and a petri dish of artistic expression, it’s home base festival has no shortage of off-the-wall monikers to cast immediate judgment upon.

So much so, that we went ahead and made this quiz to see if you can spot out any of our impostor names among the real ones performing this weekend. Show us what you got down below and feel free to share it amongst your friends out at the festival this weekend.

[Disclaimer: Some of our fake band names, could be (and let’s be honest, probably are) real bands that actually exist. If not, feel free to use them at your own will.]

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