Rinse Culture Presents: Mr. Monotone Paints Music Icons

An art show experience featuring $40 canvas, live music/visuals, and specialty drinks all night long



Bare walls in your highly overpriced 2-bedroom apartment got you down? Tired of those black light posters with the torn edges you picked up at the swap meet as a freshman in college? Perhaps you’re a bit more refined and prefer an elegant decor consisting of $3 Goodwill paintings that once belonged to someone’s deceased grandparents, but were too ugly for the beneficiaries to keep…

Despite the circumstances, I’m willing to bet that you could use some fresh original art to display in your home. Artwork that actually reflects your idiosyncratic taste as an individual. The type to make your friends say, “Sick print, dude!” Only to be met with a snarky, “Oh… no, sweetie. That’s actually an original, on canvas.”

Well, Rinse Culture is here to help you and your cheap ass out. Come September 22nd, we are teaming up with local Long Beach artist Jose Orozco ( AKA Mr. Monotone) to provide you with a huge selection of hand painted originals at an extremely affordable price. 

Artwork by Jose Orozco

Mr. Monotone, being the die-hard crate digger that he is, has built up an inventory of work that includes a shit ton of really awesome portraits of your favorite music icons from across the sound spectrum, specifically for this event. All of which will be available for a $40 flat rate so you don’t have to cut into your festival savings. Together we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Wings Of Rescue organization, who are currently using their resources to retrieve furry friends from the wreckage caused by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma (who got rinsed way too hard by mother nature).

The event will also include a DJ set from glitchy, future beat producer Slam Sanders and super trippy LIVE VISUALS by Hailey Mendoza. The art show portion will be from 8 – 10pm and will be followed immediately by a wet and weird “Get Rinsed” after party. 

Come through to The Stache in Long Beach for affordable art, specialty drinks, and crazy beats on Friday, Sep. 22nd!


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